Hospital Supply Chain Management

Omnicell automated supply dispensing systems

Omnicell XT Series | Supply ADCs

With today’s focus on lowering costs while improving outcomes you can’t ignore medical supplies, which account for 30% to 40% of a hospital's total costs. Our automated point-of-use systems for hospital supply chain management give you the tools you need to address this critical area.

Our supply systems empower healthcare facilities to effectively control inventory costs, accurately capture charges for reimbursement, and improve the reorder process for medical supplies.

Choice in Hospital Supply Chain Management Systems

Omnicell automated supply solutions offer a broad range of hardware and software options.


  • Lowered costs through reduction in consumption and inventory levels
  • Increased revenue through accurate charge capture
  • Improved nurse workflow and patient safety
  • Simplified reporting, analysis, and charging
  • Greater efficiency at a system level

Contain Costs With Pandora Analytics

Pandora® Financials analytics software combined with an Omnicell supply system allows you to make real progress on inventory cost containment. Pandora provides a clear dashboard along with reports and alerts that help you make the right decisions for controlling inventory.Powered by Pandora logo