Robomat Robotic Dispensing System

Product Overview

Combine the Best Features in a Single System

By integrating channel and chaotic technology, Robomat provides optimal versatility and efficiency. Made up of our Medimat storage and dispensing unit (chaotic) and Speedbox filling system (channel), Robomat is ideal for slow, medium, and fast moving lines.

A Medimat unit can be integrated with multiple Speedbox systems. The Fill-in-Box can also be added to the system. With this setup, the Medimat provides a fully automatic load for all units.

Speedbox channel filling systemTackle High Volumes with Speedbox

The Speedbox channel filling system is ideally suited to fast-moving inventory and can easily handle high demand volumes. Channel sizes can be configured according to the medication pack size.

  • Fastest dispensing system
  • Handles high demand volumes
  • Multiple units can be installed side by side to increase speed and capacity

Dispensing Volume:

1 Speedbox—Up to 2,400 packs/hour
2 Speedboxes—Up to 3,300 packs/hour
3 Speedboxes—Up to 4,200 packs/hour


Benefits of Robotic Medication Pack Dispensing

  • Reduce time spent searching for medications, freeing up time to interact with patients
  • Improve patient safety by reducing dispensing errors
  • Improve inventory control and savings
  • Increase dispensary output 24/7
  • Optimize use of space in the pharmacy
  • Reduce patient waiting time
  • Create a less hectic, more organized dispensing environment