PROmanager-Rx Oral Solids Robotic System

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Product Overview

PROmanager-Rx™ is the only robotic medication dispensing system for hospital and health system pharmacies that stores and dispenses manufacturer-packaged oral solid medications. The system maximizes operations efficiency by using package-ready forms, eliminating unit dose medication packaging labor and materials costs.

More Efficient Checking Processes

Because each medication dose is uniquely scanned during stocking and dispensing, PROmanager-Rx workflow is consistent with requirements from State Boards of Pharmacy to employ quality assurance checks, significantly reducing pharmacy checking requirements.

Increase Filling Accuracy and Reduce Pharmacy Labor for Unit-Dose Medications

PROmanager-Rx uses sophisticated order processing and inventory management software to increase inventory turns, manage expired and returned medications, and streamline wholesaler ordering. The system features a sleek design and small footprint, allowing it to be easily installed and supported with minimal, if any, facility modifications.

  • Uses original barcoded manufacturer packaging
  • Eliminates pharmacists checks by eliminating repackaging
  • Stores up to 12,000 unit doses
  • Frees pharmacy labor for clinical activities
  • Easily sited, installed, and supported where automation was not previously possible