Product Overview

Omnicell’s MedCarousel vertical storage and dispensing system automates the medication management process, from order fulfillment to automated cabinet replenishment, to patient medication dispensing to restocking. It is an ideal component of the medication distribution process for any hospital or health system pharmacy.

Increases Accuracy and Efficiency of Medication Dispensing and Inventory Management

The versatility and unique functionality of the MedCarousel enable barcode scanning throughout the medication distribution process, as recommended by ASHP, while enhancing pharmacy productivity.

  • MedCarousel consolidates and manages medication inventory from multiple locations, including refrigerators and static shelving, supporting a “perpetual inventory.” 

  • Aided by rotating shelves, pick-to-light, barcode scanning, and comprehensive, integrated workflow software, pharmacy technicians are guided to medication storage locations, improving picking speed and accuracy.

Dispensing and Inventory Management System to Increase Efficiencies

Workflow enabled by the MedCarousel simplifies medication selection for cabinet restocking, first doses, and cartfill. The carousel stores many drug forms, such as bulk bottles, unit-dose solids, liquids, IVs and odd-form medications. 

  • Advanced software accurately tracks inventory and expiration dates, making medication management efficient and streamlined. 
  • Ideal for use in multi-hospital system environments, particularly in consolidated medication distribution locations, in conjunction with Omnicell’s Enterprise Medication Manager™.
  • Reduces picking and restocking errors by 96%
  • Shrinks unit-based cabinet restocking time by 82%
  • Reduces technician training time by 85%
  • Increases inventory turns by up to 65%
  • Improves space efficiency up to 60%
  • Reduces pharmacist checking time through the use of a barcode verification process
  • Provides device-level optimization to support medication availability