WorkflowRx With Medication Packager

Product Overview

Medication packaging systems enable pharmacists to improve dispensing accuracy, increase their productivity, and lower their overall costs.Omnicell medication packaging systems

The Omnicell® Medication Packager integrates with Omnicell's WorkflowRx™ inventory management software, to play a vital role in streamlining central pharmacy operations and automating manual, labor-intensive processes. As a perpetual inventory management system, WorkflowRx can reduce pharmacy inventory costs through usage-based purchase decisions.

Gain the Benefits of Unit Dose Packaging

By labeling individually packaged medications with bar codes in the central pharmacy, the Omnicell Medication Packager allows bar code medication administration systems to be implemented at the point of care, which helps ensure the five rights of medication administration.

The Medication Packager can be integrated with the Omnicell Pharmacy Carousel. Real-time and batch orders are dynamically routed between the packager and carousel or shelving locations, which prevents the accumulation of returned items and tightens controls over inventory stock levels.

  • Improve dispensing accuracy to ensure patient safety.
  • Increase pharmacy productivity.
  • Reduces costs by enabling central pharmacies to:
    • Use bulk packaging to produce unit dose packaging.
    • Purchase inventory based on historical usage patterns.
    • Increase pharmacist and pharmacy technician efficiency.
  • Aids in Joint Commission compliance by providing complete audit trail of all transactions.
  • Automated unit dose packaging.
  • Intelligent Order Routing option establishes picking processes based on user-defined settings.
  • Verifies all transactions, including receiving, stocking, order processing, returns, and order verification.
  • Automatic packaging resume capability allows replenishment of medications or packaging supply without restarting the batch.
  • Supports patient-specific dispensing with labeling and contiguous medication packaging.
  • Adapts to any distribution model.
  • Automated Canister Recognition System (ACRS).
  • Special Tray System (STS) allows preloading of infrequently used medications into a universal tray for in-line packaging with other canister medications—there is no need to stop production.
  • WorkflowRx server available in physical server and virtual server platforms (VMware Ready).