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It’s the ongoing dilemma. Anesthesia providers need instant access to medications, but pharmacy wants tighter control. With Omnicell medication workstations designed for the operating room you can have both.

How Secure Are Controlled Substances in Your OR?

Serious incidents of drug diversion have been tied to perioperative areas, where syringes are often left out in the open.  You can secure narcotics and other medications in one of our anesthesia medication workstations. 

How Reliably Are Your Capturing Charges?

By automatically tracking medications and supplies used by patient, Omnicell anesthesia solutions have helped hospitals increase charge capture by up to 90%.1

XT Anesthesia Workstation™ is on the same platform as Omnicell® automated dispensing cabinets.

Anesthesia-Rx™ is on the same platform as AcuDose-Rx® automated dispensing cabinets.

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XT Anesthesia Workstation


1. Based on pre- and post-installation customer data