Unity Enterprise Platform

  • Single Database

Product Overview

Simplify Medication and Supply Management with a Unified Platform 

Our Unity enterprise platform helps prevent errors and cuts out extra steps from medication and supply management, so clinical staff can focus more on patient care activities. The technology easily scales to healthcare organizations of all sizes and types, from post-acute care to large health systems.

  • Unified platform for multiple Omnicell medication and supply automation systems deployed in the central pharmacy, operating rooms, nursing units, and the bedside

  • Shared database reduces system and formulary maintenance and helps prevent errors

  • Interoperability with EHRs streamlines clinical workflow

  • Scales to large and growing health systems, providing enterprise-wide inventory management 

  • Analytics based on more comprehensive data provides greater inventory visibility and diversion monitoring insights

Scalable Solutions for Growing Health Systems

The Unity platform reaches across multiple sites and time zones, creating more efficient enterprise-wide inventory management.  New sites can easily be accommodated without additional infrastructure. The versatility of the platform enables you to configure an optimal inventory distribution system across your enterprise.

  • Up to 1,000 Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets or other Omnicell products can be connected to a single OmniCenter server, reducing IT infrastructure
  • Reduces number of interfaces needed, saving cost and effort 

Interoperability with Major EHRs

To make workflow safer and easier, the Unity enterprise platform integrates with key EHR vendors: Cerner, Epic, and Siemens. Our interoperability solutions:

  • Enable nurses to manage medications within the EHR, saving time and reducing the potential for errors
  • Increase medication accountability by creating closed-loop tracking by dose 

Robust System Technology

  • 7 years of data readily available for compliance audits—compared with only 90 days available from other vendors
  • Choice of physical server, virtual server, and cloud options
  • Supports multiple sites and time zones
  • Remote access to system 24/7 adds flexibility and convenience 

Upgradeable Platform

With the Unity platform, software upgrades are included with your service agreement and released typically twice a year. These upgrades keep your systems up to date.

Learn more about our server and cloud options: