Virtual Servers

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Product Overview

Many hospitals are managing costs and improving IT efficiency through virtualization.  A virtual server environment enables them to reduce infrastructure costs, lower energy consumption, and speed responsiveness to disaster recovery, among other benefits.

Virtual Server Partners

Our server virtualization application seamlessly provides all the benefits of virtualization while maintaining the same Omnicell system functionality you would seeVMware Virtual Server with a physical server. We have partnered with two virtualization providers to give you flexible options.

VMware—Omnicell is a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) with VMware, the leading provider of virtualization technology.
Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Server
Hyper-V—We now offer Microsoft’s virtualization platform incorporated into the latest Windows operating systems.

Of course, we continue to support physical server environments as well, and either option can be deployed with the OmniCenter® server, which drives the Unity enterprise platform. The flexibility to meet a range of customer needs has helped make Omnicell a preferred partner for medication and supply dispensing automation and related analytics software.

Unity Enterprise Platform

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Reduced hardware footprint
  • Improved server hardware utilization
  • Greater system availability
  • Faster server deployment
  • Improved disaster recovery

Omnicell's key server platforms offer you the choice of a virtualized or physical server environment. Virtualization options are noted below.

  • OmniCenter—Supports Omnicell automated medication and supply dispensing systems and related analytics throughout the clinical units of the hospital (VMware, Hyper-V)
  • OmniLinkRx—Supports Omnicell's award winning fax imaging and CPOE enablement application (VMware)
  • OptiFlex—Supports the OptiFlex systems used for dispensing supplies in medical-surgical, surgical services, and special procedure areas (VMware)
  • Pandora—Supports Omnicell's premier diversion detection and compliance monitoring tool (VMware)
  • WorkflowRx—Supports the WorkflowRx central pharmacy workflow system (VMware)