Omnicell Cloud Connect

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Product Overview

For those healthcare systems that operate facilities outside the hospital, Omnicell now offers a convenient new way to network your Omnicell systems across sites.

Previously, Omnicell cabinets residing outside the hospital wide area network (WAN) required modem connection.  With Omnicell Cloud Connect, Omnicell systems located outside of the WAN are managed through a central network using HTTPS Internet connection. 

Secure transactions are sent between the Omnicell OmniCenter® server and the individual Omnicell workstations – whether cabinets or open shelving stations.

Secure Network Solution for Multi-Site Facilities

  • Ideal for integrated delivery networks (IDNs) that operate physician offices, long-term care facilities and institutional pharmacies, including those that reside in different time zones
  • Secure HTTPS connection – no modems needed
  • Enables improved support and seamless upgrades
  • Available at no extra cost
  • Improved performance and security compared with traditional modem connections
  • Easier upgrades – Omnicell systems can receive software updates remotely
  • Improved service and support – Omnicell can troubleshoot systems remotely


  • Time zone support – based on physical location of Omnicell systems
  • Can be used for Omnicell medication, supply, and vendor-managed inventory solutions.
  • Omnicell Cloud Connect is in addition to other communication queue types available on the OmniCenter server.


Omnicell Cloud Connect uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts and protects data transmitted between the Omnicell server and the individual Omnicell workstations.

  • SSL is a world standard for security that ensures confidentiality of data involved in an online transaction, authentication of a connection, and integrity of the data throughout the transaction.
  • Accommodates different levels of encryption and protection – depending on the complexity of the enterprise and the number of transactions expected to be processed.

Omnicell provides IT departments with step-by-step instructions for ordering the SSL Certificate and installing it on the OmniCenter server.

  • Available for Omnicell systems running Windows 7 operating system (XP software is not supported)
  • Omnicell 17.5 software or greater is required
  • Requires an Ethernet connection with Internet access