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Product Overview

At the heart of every Omnicell® automation system is a server that manages the day-to-day operations of the automated medication and supply dispensing systems throughout your facility. These hospital servers give managers access to inventory use and other essential reports.

Enterprise-Class OmniCenter Server Delivers Flexibility and Security

OmniCenter hospital servers—the core of the Unity medication and supply automation platform—are available in physical and virtual server platforms. Omnicell Unity is the only automated dispensing system to receive EHR Modular Certification, assuring data integrity with meaningful use-compliant EHR systems.

Unity Platform Offers Benefits of Shared Database

OmniCenter servers facilitate a single, unified medication database across Omnicell dispensing systems, from the controlled substance vault to medication dispensing cabinets to the bedside. The shared database reduces time-consuming manual tasks that can lead to human errors.

Unity Enterprise Platform