Remote Par Optimization Module

Product Overview

Pandora® healthcare data analytics tools enable you to increase the quality of service to patients while gaining efficiencies in your operations.

A Smarter Way to Manage Medication Inventory

For hospitals using Omnicell® automated medication and supply dispensing cabinets, the Remote Par Optimization (RPO) module for the Pandora Financials and Pandora Clinicals software applications gives pharmacists a streamlined system for implementing par levels. The RPO module enables the Par Optimization report recommendations from Pandora to be automatically pushed to the Omnicell dispensing system. This system can save time and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Eliminates the step of updating par levels manually on the OmniCenter® server: you can now use the levels obtained in your Par Optimization report.
  • Prevents errors caused by the manual entry of data.
  • Saves time: with one click you can push the par recommendations from Pandora to your par levels at the cabinet.
  • Reduces time spent on day-to-day cabinet management.

The easy-to-use RPO module allows pharmacy to leverage the power of an analytics engine to determine the optimal par level and then implement that recommendation seamlessly. After reviewing the par recommendations and approving the changes, the user can push the changes to the cabinets without the extra steps of exporting the information to Excel, manipulating the data, and importing it to the OmniCenter server.

Pandora Remote Par Optimization Module