Pandora Financials

Product Overview

With the mandate to drive down costs, making the right supply chain decisions is paramount. Yet without visibility into usage and spending patterns it’s difficult to know what actions to take for hospital inventory control.

Make the Right Supply Chain Decisions

A part of the proven Pandora® analytics solution, Pandora Financials software combines inventory visibility with cost and charge information, enabling you to improve hospital inventory control of medications and supplies.

  • See dollar value of inventory on hand and at par, to make appropriate adjustments.
  • View asset turns by operational area to optimize inventory for each location.
  • Track costs per visit or case, to support decisions about where to make changes.
  • Monitor scan compliance to identify cost issues or charge capture opportunities.

New Tools for Drug Shortage Management

The new Item Locator function lets you easily see where inventory is located across your facility for a given item or group of items. By combining Item Locator with the new ASHP Item Shortage widget you'll have a powerful tool that reduces time spent managing shortage items.

“The Item Locator feature in Pandora Financials has changed my workload time for tracking shortages from hours to minutes.”

Jennifer Dunham, PharmD, Medication Safety Coordinator
Stormont-Vail HealthCare

Shorten the Process for Implementing Par Levels

The Remote Par Optimization module allows you to implement par levels in your Omnicell® dispensing cabinets with just a few clicks.


Improves Inventory Management in Hospital Facilities

  • Reduce costs by optimizing inventory levels
  • Reduce inventory stockouts that affect patient care
  • Develop strategies to address high-cost cases by department or area
  • Improve management of shortage and high-value items
  • Training: Omnicell offers a variety of practical, interactive, virtual training opportunities for Pandora system administrators and end users.
  • Reports can be modified, scheduled, and run at any time of day or night.
  • Email alerts warn when performance thresholds are crossed.
  • Data is updated daily.
  • View retrospective data as vast as your reporting database can hold.
  • Benchmarking based on your healthcare facility rather than generic hospital data.
  • Customizable dashboard can be tailored to individuals or groups.
  • "My Views" and "My To Do Lists" quickly filter content to specific areas of focus.
  • VMware-ready and Citrix-certified, offering multiple deployment scenarios to fit existing infrastructure.
  • Centralized authentication with Microsoft Active Directory; relieves burden of user name and password management.