Pandora Clinicals

Product Overview

Identifying drug diversion in hospitals can be challenging, yet it’s critical for protecting patient safety—and hospital liability.

More Effectively Detect Prescription Drug Diversion

Rather than searching through rows of raw data that may be a month old, take a faster, more focused approach to drug diversion detection with Pandora Clinicals, a part of the proven Pandora® analytics platform.

  • Easily track override activities, null/cancelled transactions, and discrepancies
  • Anomalous Usage widget allows you to quickly drill down to specific user details
  • Helps capture potential diversion that may be overlooked with standard reports

“I have identified some diversion cases in as short a time as three days after the diversion started . . . The Pandora data allows me to drill down on any issue that I’m concerned about and identify exactly what’s going on very quickly.”

Kimberly New, Compliance Specialist University of Tennessee Medical Center

Have Greater Visibility to Medication Usage

Pandora integrates with all Omnicell automation systems, so you can view data in the OR and procedural areas where there is a greater opportunity for drug diversion.

Improve Medication Compliance

Pandora Clinicals supports decisions for improving clinical processes related to medication handling in the nursing units. Take active steps toward minimizing patient safety events and complying with regulations.


Enhance Medication Tracking and Compliance

  • Identify suspicious activity and assess improvement based on actions taken
  • Promote adherence to established clinical procedures
  • Track operational performance and find opportunities to minimize missing doses
  • Training: Omnicell offers a variety of practical, interactive, virtual training opportunities for Pandora system administrators and end users.
  • Reports can be modified, scheduled, and run at any time of day or night.
  • Email alerts warn when performance thresholds are crossed.
  • Data is updated daily.
  • View retrospective data as vast as your reporting database can hold.
  • Benchmarking based on your healthcare facility rather than generic hospital data.
  • Customizable dashboard can be tailored to individuals or groups.
  • "My Views" and "My To Do Lists" quickly filter content to specific areas of focus.
  • Remote Par Optimization module enables par levels to be automatically updated in Omnicell® dispensing cabinets.
  • VMware-ready and Citrix-certified, offering multiple deployment scenarios to fit existing infrastructure.
  • Centralized authentication with Microsoft Active Directory; relieves burden of user name and password management.