Thought Leadership Series Webinar - Drug Diversion in the Pharmacy: How Are You Preventing It?

Everyone knows drug diversion can be a major challenge in nursing units, but not everyone knows how to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of diversion in the central pharmacy. Join diversion expert Luke Overmire for guidance on how to prevent, detect, and react to diversion in your pharmacy. 

In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the risks and consequences healthcare facilities face when they don’t have processes and policies in place to monitor for drug diversion

  • Discover best practices for preventing, detecting, and managing drug diversion in the pharmacy

  • Learn about past drug diversion activity at facilities that lacked effective monitoring processes

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Luke Overmire 

Having worked in both hospital and retail pharmacy settings, Luke Overmire has expertise in pharmacy processes and procedures. For the past 10  years, Luke has worked with various hospitals across the U.S. on reviewing comparative analytics, improving pharmacy processes, and implementing  automated dispensing systems. Luke’s passion is in working with clients on diversion monitoring data review: implementing software and processes,  interpreting data, and taking action based on that data. Luke has a BA in Communication from Aquinas College, and is working on an MS in Health Communication at Boston University. ​He is currently the Creative Director for the International Health Facility Diversion Association. 

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  • 10/12/17
  • - 10/12/17
  • Location: Online Webstreaming