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Control Costs with Pre-Pack

control costs with MTS pre-pack solutions

Omnicell Can Help

Omnicell can help you identify solutions to help you leverage resources and save time.
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In recent years, pharmacies servicing long-term care are facing more and more challenges. Reimbursements are declining, eroding your top line cash flow. The ever-changing economy creates further constraints.

Pharmacies serving clients in long-term care environments, know that a well-run pre-pack operation can help to control costs. Approximately 80% of medication prescription volume comes from 20% of the drugs in inventory. Because so many medication orders are written for these high volume drugs, many pharmacies pre-package them from bulk into adherence packaging even before they receive patient-specific medication orders. Pre-packaging the most commonly ordered drugs enables pharmacies to optimize resources and stabilize the workflow in the pharmacy.

Purchase Smarter

As you push inventory volume into a centralized controllable area, you gather valuable data to analyze and adjust your purchasing habits that can further impact cash flow. For example, knowing your utilization rates can help you determine if a shorter payment terms would be feasible for faster turnaround medications, resulting in a lower costs for your pharmacy.

Additionally, continually analyzing your inventory to ensure higher utilization of stocked medications mitigates purchasing risks.

Work Smarter

While pre-pack can provide a way to gain better control over inventory, the process of packing must be both fast and accurate in order to drive savings for your pharmacy. Manual packaging methods often require costly rework when errors in packaging and labeling are made.

Using pre-pack equipment streamlines labeling and helps pharmacies achieve significantly higher levels of efficiency and accuracy, which maximizes return and frees up resources for higher-value work.

Make Pre-Pack a Profit Center. We Can Show You How.

Omnicell is committed to matching your pharmacy to pre-pack solutions that help you increase cash flow. Our experienced, highly-skilled team can perform a detailed analysis of your pre-pack operation to determine the correct Omnicell solution for you, as well as, identify best practices that can help you leverage resources and save time.

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