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Pharmacy Automation Systems

automated solutions for institutional and community pharmacy

Omnicell provides automated solutions to meet the broad needs of pharmacies. Our pharmacy automation enables providers to package medications accurately and efficiently, and incorporates bar code verification for an extra measure of safety.

Pharmacies use our automation to reduce their medication inventory and improve pharmacy's cash flow. Interfaced to the pharmacy's operating system, medication orders can be packaged as they are received, Omnicell automation also allows a pharmacy to maintain accuracy levels while bringing on new business without the need to hire and train new staff. Our automation can also provide multiple pharmacy sites the option of centralized adherence packaging.

Omnicell is continually developing new solutions to aid today's pharmacies in increasing throughput while improving accuracy and controls in a very cost-conscious pharmacy market.

  • Omnicell VBM 200F

    The Omnicell VBM 200F is the only small footprint automated pharmacy solution that efficiently and accurately fills and checks SureMed multimed blister cards.

    More about Omnicell VBM 200F
  • Omnicell AccuFlex

    Omnicell AccuFlex uses robotic technology to accurately and efficiently fill a variety of medication dispensing systems.

    More about Omnicell AccuFlex
  • Omnicell Express II

    Omnicell Express II optimizes robotic technology for high-speed and accurate fulfillment of single dose blister cards and reclaimable packaging. This is the fastest single dose adherence packaging system on the market today.

    More about Omnicell Express II
  • Omnicell M5000

    The Omnicell M5000 is the first pharmacy automation system that fully automates the fulfillment of multimed blister cards. The M5000 is capable of producing 35 filled, sealed, labeled, and audited cards per hour.

    More about Omnicell M5000

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