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Packaging Equipment

pharmacy heat sealers for medication packaging

Omnicell offers a complete equipment product line specifically designed for the long term care and institutional pharmacy. We offer sealing, filling, and labeling solutions for any size pharmacy operation.

Omnicell will work with your pharmacy to determine which type of packaging equipment is right for you and we can make recommendations regarding workflow and help you select the solution to give you the best return on your investment.

  • Sealers

    A large number of SureMed by Omnicell blister cards are heat-sealed adherence packages that require a sealer to create an impermeable barrier. By using specially designed equipment to control heat, time, and pressure, the long-term care pharmacy is able to create a quality seal on every package, providing a secure barrier to moisture and gasses. Omnicell sealing equipment is designed, manufactured and assembled at Omnicell, and is serviced and supported by our technicians. Within this range of equipment is the perfect sealing solution for almost any pharmacy—from a low volume manual blister card sealer to a high volume, all electric heat sealer with programmable computer logic for blister cards and unit dose packages.

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  • Fillers and Sealers

    MTS semi-automated medication packaging equipment, designed specifically for long-term care pharmacy, combines filling and sealing capabilities into one machine. These solutions elevate pre-packaging to a higher level of efficiency, improved accuracy and increased production levels.

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  • Deblistering Machines

    For removal of medications, Omnicell offers a simple solution that saves both time and money for medication removals.

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  • Printing Solutions

    As pharmacy workflow systems and verification processes improve, so does the need for bar code labeling, ensuring that the right medication is packaged and delivered to the right facility and patient. Omnicell understands offers long-term care pharmacies quality pharmacy labeling systems to meet a range of labeling needs.

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