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Opt-Pak color-coded disposible medication punch cards

The Opti-Pak system is a disposable color-coded compliance package for the pharmacy, home, and resident.


  • Hygienic. Product is used once. No cleaning or label removal
  • Tamper evident. You can clearly see whether a medication has been taken or is missing from the blister card
  • A blister card system that does not require changing medication cart configurations
  • One product will accommodate 7/8 or 14/16 day cycles
  • Compliance enhancing system for ease of use and administration
  • Increases operational efficiency in the pharmacy and the home
  • Less labor intensive than some non-disposable alternatives


  • Compatible with 3” medication cart drawers
  • 7/8 dose and 14/16 dose blister card
  • Compliance format printed with the days of the week or numbered PRN
  • White blister cards with color-coded labeling to indicate time pass
  • Compatible with Omnicell automated filling and sealing machines
  • Opti-Pak labels and storage boxes in stock
  • Disposable packaging system made from high-grade materials
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