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Lisa - Testimonial

Lisa's Story - The Patient:

"I used to find it really difficult managing my medication. I could never remember if I had taken my drugs or not – on one occasion, I took too many and overdosed and had to go to hospital. I’ve been using the packs now for about three years and have had no problems in that time. My epilepsy is well controlled now and the last seizure I suffered was over a year ago.”

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Stokes Web StoryDon's Story - The Caregiver:

"[My wife] takes fourteen different pills everyday at different periods in the day.  I didn't want to giver her any wrong was stress on me to be real truthful. 

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Dave and Martin TestimonialDave and Martin's Story - The Caregiver and The Patient:

"Martin and I have been together for 32 years and I have been his carer for many of those. With HIV, compliance is absolutely critical because the virus can replicate and become resistant to treatment. I’ve been using these blister packs for the majority of the pills for about six months now and we’ve had no problems at all. It would be a virtually impossible task for many carers without them.”

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Great Lakes Pharmacy - ForbesSureMed by Omnicell and Great Lakes Pharmacy Featured in Forbes

"I kept hearing the same thing from patients, that they were having difficulty remembering to take their medications, and I would hear from their adult children, ‘I’m struggling with organizing my parents’ medications in their med boxes and keeping them living independently at home.’ I quickly realized these people needed a different kind of help—something that would make taking medication easier not only easier on the patients but families and caregivers as well."

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