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KeyMed Pharmacy Supports Skilled Nursing Facilities in Idaho and Utah With Accessible and Secure Medication Management Tools

Automated Solutions Reduce Medication-Related Readmissions and Improve the Patient Experience by Getting Medications to Them Quickly and Securely

POCATELLO, IDAHO  – KeyMed Pharmacy is proud to announce a new and improved way to empower patient care at skilled nursing facilities in Idaho and Utah through the use of pharmacy-managed Omnicell® Automated Dispensing Cabinets. The Omnicell XT series cabinets will be installed at select KeyMed customer sites, bolstering the pharmacy’s support throughout transitions of care. A larger volume of medications can be securely stored at the facility, enabling care providers to access first-dose and emergency medications immediately, rather than having to wait for delivery hours after a patient arrives at the facility. 

While regulations for managing emergency medications vary by state, skilled nursing facilities have an immediate need for access to first-dose and emergency medications to ensure the highest level of patient safety and the best possible patient experience. By automating the management and documentation of these medications, the XT cabinets enhance efficiency for providers on-site and ensure regulatory compliance for the facility and pharmacy by documenting all transactions. As a safeguard for patient health and proper provider usage, the Omnicell system offers a safe, secure, and efficient alternative to the typical tackle box that many facilities use to store patient prescriptions. 

“When supplying medications to a long-term care facility, it’s critical to make sure our partner facility has access to first-dose or emergency medications,” said Brian Lunt, pharmacist, owner and director of KeyMed Pharmacy. “Installing XT cabinets on-site for our partners allows us to have a consistent, reliable presence in our customers’ locations, providing peace of mind and enhanced safety for patients and nurses. We’re committed to serving the Idaho and Utah care communities with best-in-class pharmacy solutions while advancing their mission of keeping these patients out of the hospital.”

Storing up to 700 medications, the XT cabinets provide confidence that patients’ medications are readily available upon admission to the nursing home or in case of an emergency, reducing potentially dangerous or painful wait times. Additionally, by automating the medication management process, facilities can reduce manual documentation and better track and secure their medications.

Those interested in learning more about KeyMed’s services and the Omnicell XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinet and should contact the pharmacy at (208) 233-2444 for additional information, or to schedule a demonstration. 

About KeyMed Pharmacy

Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients, their families and their caretakers through our accurate, timely, committed and independently owned pharmacy services. We are keenly focused on delivering the right medication at the right time and in the right way to support the quality of long-term care that residents deserve. 

As integrated members of every patient’s health care team, we intuitively understand the critical issues surrounding the special care that many residents require. We combine our superior standard of service and communication with customer-service skills and clinical expertise to dispense customized pharmacy solutions. Always affordable. Always focused on superior care.

December 19, 2017

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