Health Systems/IDNs

Omnicell Supports Health Systems (IDN)

Omnicell systems are designed to work efficiently and effectively whether they are installed in a single healthcare facility or a health system spanning across different states. We take the unique needs of large hospital systems and integrated delivery networks into account in developing our products, which serve to improve efficiency, patient safety, and regulatory compliance.

Centralized server—Our enterprise-class centralized server connects with up to 1,000 devices located in multiple sites, and offers advanced security and data viewing options.

Focus on interoperability—Omnicell continually works to ensure our systems can share data among disparate clinical information systems, reducing the inefficiency and inaccuracy of redundant data entry.

Lowest cost of ownership—Our modular approach to upgrades protects your investment. Rather than replacing entire cabinets, you can keep current with the latest technology by replacing only the console—a major financial advantage for hospital systems with a large fleet of automated dispensing cabinets.

Compliance confidence—Omnicell stays on top of changing regulations and continually seeks innovative and efficient ways to help healthcare providers stay compliant. In addition, the Omnicell medication dispensing system is EHR Modular Certified to support customers in achieving meaningful use objectives of their EHR system.