Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)

Omnicell is regularly awarded contracts with the leading group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and other healthcare alliances.

  • Amerinet

    Amerinet: Reducing Healthcare Costs – Improving Healthcare Quality

    As a leading national healthcare group purchasing organization (GPO), Amerinet collaborates with acute and alternate care providers – hospitals, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, clinics and doctor offices – to create and deliver unique solutions through performance improvement resources, guidance and ongoing support. With better product standardization and utilization, new financial tools beyond contracting and alliances that help lower costs, raise revenue and champion quality, Amerinet enriches healthcare delivery for its members and the communities they serve.

  • HealthTrust

    Health Trust Purchasing Group

    HealthTrust Purchasing Group is a group purchasing organization supporting nearly 1,400 not-for-profit and for-profit acute care facilities, as well as ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices and alternate care sites.

    The ultimate testament to our success is a 99 percent member retention rate. Leveraging the committed buying power of HealthTrust, CoreTrust and AdvantageTrust members, we make supply chains more effective by offering a superior value proposition that includes a broad contract portfolio and a one-price-for-all model that delivers equivalent value to all member organizations, regardless of size.

  • Med Assets

    The Broadlane Group Is Now MedAssets

    The combination of MedAssets and Broadlane creates the industry's leading end-to-end financial improvement partner. We have the experience, insights and tools to help providers better manage operational costs in a world of increasingly complex care. As one of the nation's largest supply chain management companies, MedAssets currently manages approximately $41 billion in total supply chain spend and has delivered over $2.8 billion in documented and guaranteed savings for our clients.

    Delivering Total Margin Control in Healthcare

    The Broadlane Group™ empowers healthcare providers to lead and succeed. From clinical and lean process consulting, to supply chain improvements, to group purchasing of supplies and capital equipment, to nurse and allied professional sourcing, we offer a suite of solutions that let you accomplish your mission: high margins and high-quality care.

    MedAssets – Together, We Can Improve Your Financial Health.

    The well-being of your organization depends largely on your ability to manage costs and secure revenue. At MedAssets, we understand this. In fact, we specialize in finding efficiencies, improving operating margins and increasing cash flow. All as a result of our collaborative approach and cutting-edge technology. Contact us now to ensure a healthier bottom line.

  • Novation

    Novation Purchasing Group

    Novation was established Jan. 1, 1998, when VHA Inc. and University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC), two national health care alliances, consolidated their supply-contracting functions. Based in Irving, Texas, Novation acts as the supply contracting company for nearly 25,000 VHA and UHC member organizations to help them manage and reduce supply costs.

    The health care markets served by Novation include acute hospitals and systems, academic medical centers, ambulatory care and physician clinics, home health and long-term care facilities.

    Novation also provides supply contracting services to thousands of health care, education, municipalities and corporate members of Provista, a supply chain improvement company jointly owned by VHA and UHC, to serve health care organizations that are not members of either alliance, as well as non-health care markets.

    Novation delivers unmatched supply savings and value through contract and price management and spend management services.

  • Premier

    What Premier Is

    Serving more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals and 75,000-plus other healthcare sites, the Premier healthcare alliance and its members are transforming healthcare together. Approximately 200 hospitals and health systems created and entirely own the Premier alliance. Premier's mission is "to improve the health of communities."

    Premier brings nationwide knowledge to improve local healthcare. It does this by collecting and analyzing clinical and financial data from its member hospitals, organizing committees of members to make decisions and set direction for the alliance, sponsoring seminars and conferences, and sharing best practices. By doing so, Premier unites a fragmented, chaotic and inefficient healthcare system to enable hospitals to provide patients with reliably high-quality healthcare at the lowest cost. Premier uses facts to determine the best practices and products that drive the best patient outcomes. Everyone wins when there is no sacrifice in quality or cost.