Waste Recycling and Management


Omnicell has a dedicated team committed to reducing the amount of materials used in our products themselves and in the packaging used to ship them.  Omnicell has accessible waste recycling containers throughout our facilities and encourages the recycling of office paper and other recyclable products, including electronics and batteries used in the workplace.

Product Lifecycle Management

Our goal is to complete the product lifecycle, from sourcing of materials to planning reverse logistics, including identifying ways to recycle end-of-life products. Omnicell products currently contain an average of 10% recycled content with 30% recycled packaging.

Waste Recycling

Omnicell makes every effort to keep materials out of landfills. We recycle waste material from our manufacturing operations as follows:

  • 100% of all scrap metal is recycled.
  • 100% of all cardboard is recycled or reused.
  • All electronics, screens, hard drives, and cables are disposed using certified e-waste recyclers. 

Reducing Shipping Waste

We have adopted more eco-friendly packaging options for products and materials we ship out. Omnicell has reduced and in some cases eliminated the use of pallets or skids for shipping our products to customers. We also recycle these items when they are used to ship materials to us.

Office Recycling Program

We are continually working to improve our office waste management by reducing, reusing, or recycling all of our office-generated waste. All Omnicell locations participate in an office waste recycling program where waste paper, bottles, cans, batteries, and e-waste are all recycled.

Saving Paper

Our document management system encourages electronic rather than physical distribution of content. Omnicell product manuals are provided electronically to save paper.