Energy Efficiency


In addition to improving the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes, our engineers have been diligent in designing products that are more energy efficient, less costly, and more environmentally friendly.

Lower Wattage Products

Our XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets use a lower wattage power supply than earlier products, which increases the efficiency rating and uses less energy.

Power Management Features

Our engineers are continuously developing power management features in our products, such as automatic wake-from-standby mode. We are working with the EPA and other agencies to qualify our products for an Energy Star rating.

Energy-Efficient Workplace

Omnicell is improving the energy efficiency of our workplace. Our new headquarters building was built to LEED Gold certification standards and includes a 151-kilowatt solar panel array on the parking lot. The interior finishes are environmentally friendly and were sourced locally where possible.

Omnicell Headquarters Building