Healthcare Interoperability

Omnicell supports healthcare interoperability

Omnicell recognizes the critical role healthcare interoperability plays in making workflow safer and more efficient. To achieve the benefits of interoperability healthcare providers need vendors to collaborate with one another. Omnicell has a strong roadmap for advanced interoperability, and we are aggressively developing interoperable solutions with multiple healthcare information system (HIS) vendors.

Omnicell Integration With EHR Systems

Interoperability between the Omnicell automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) and electronic health record (EHR) saves clinicians steps in medication workflow, so they can administer medication to patients sooner.


Why log into two applications when you can do what you need from one?

  • Remote ADC functionality within the Cerner PowerChart® EMR enables clinicians to preselect medications, view availability, and document waste directly from within the Cerner system.
  • Omnicell Unity is the only advanced enterprise platform with direct, non-interface connection to the Cerner Millennium® EHR.


Similar to the integration with Cerner, our interoperability with Epic allows nurses to login to the EHR to preselect medications, view availability, and document waste—functions that previously needed to be done at the ADC.

  • Omnicell is the only automated dispensing system vendor to offer remote medication selection and waste documentation from within the Epic Hyperspace® EHR.

For Epic users who choose traditional integration, a set of of standard interfaces has been developed. These interfaces, which have been validated and tested by Epic using Omnicell equipment, do not require customization and are ready for quick and easy deployment. An integration guide is available from Epic to assist in implementing Omnicell systems.


By linking data about medications issued from the Omnicell ADC with medication administration records in the Siemens Med Administration Check™ system, pharmacy can easily identify variances. This interoperable solution with Siemens improves accountability and saves time for pharmacy and nursing.

Benefits of Omnicell Healthcare Interoperability Solutions

Enhanced Safety: Consistent, up-to-date information available across systems helps to eliminate potential confusion and reduce medication errors.

Increased Efficiency: Cuts out redundant data entry and need for end users to access multiple systems for information.

Clearer Insight: Enhanced reporting facilitates better business decisions, reduces diversion opportunities, and improves documentation required for compliance

Reduced Costs: Greater efficiency along with reduced need for IT involvement and infrastructure lowers costs; improved charge capture increases revenue

Connection Expertise Assures Smooth Implementation

Count on Omnicell to support a successful integration between our medication and supply automation and other healthcare systems such as ADT and pharmacy information systems.   

  • Scalable integration engine and standards-based development and support assure seamless connectivity.
  • Our skilled integration services team has implemented thousands of connections with virtually all major EHR-HIS vendors, MMIS (materials management information system) vendors, and custom systems.

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