Omnicell Supply Management System

Product Overview

Materials managers are under growing pressure to lower costs. As a solid leader in automation for medical supply management, we offer a solution that helps you keep better track of supplies, reduce inventory, and save money.

Omnicell Supply Management is an automated system that allows you to manage medical supplies on open shelves and secure automated dispensing cabinets—or both. 32 Percent Bubble

  • Quick, convenient access to supplies
  • Extensive reporting tools
  • Can be customized by size, security, and configuration

Automated System Improves Inventory Control

  • Inventory and supply usage are recorded, by patient, making charge capture consistent and accurate.
  • With better control over inventory, you lower the risk of running out of essential items, and ensure supplies are there when and where your clinical staff needs them.

Shared Database Simplifies Administration

Omnicell Supply Management software is part of the Unity platform that allows medication, supply, and controlled substance management systems to be managed from a single database. This minimizes system maintenance and IT involvement, and centralizes updates to patient information.

Unity Enterprise Platform

  • Lowers costs by increasing inventory turns and reducing consumption.
  • Increases revenue – automatically applies charges, eliminating manual entry that is often inaccurate.
  • Improves control by tracking transaction data, inventory levels, expenses, and treatment costs through a single database.
  • Helps ensure compliance with mandates and regulations.
  • Improves nurse workflow and patient care by ensuring supplies are readily available.

Proven Results

  • 32% reduction in inventory consumption.1
  • 45% increase in charge capture.2

1 “Savings and Efficiency in the Emergency Room,” Clinical Profile: Irvine Medical Center, on file at Omnicell. 2 Customer data: Greater Baltimore Medical Center.


Ease of Use

  • Touch & Go™ G4 biometric ID system provides fast yet secure access.
  • Large, high resolution display is easy to see and read.
  • Simple touch screen interface.
  • Verbal confirmation for logon, expired products, and latex warnings..

Advanced Technology 

  • 2-D bar code scanner supports GS1 and HIBC standards for data parsing and capture.
  • Cloud Connect allows Omnicell open and secure stations to be managed outside of the hospital wide area network (WAN), including those residing in different time zones.
  • OmniCenter® server, available in physical and virtual platforms, provides seven- year data storage capability.
  • Microsoft ® and Intel® technology promote security and performance

Flexible Configurations

  • Can be used with open shelving or secure Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets.
  • Multiple cabinet sizes, configurations, and drawer options offer maximum flexibility.
  • Combination medication and supply cabinets reduce storage footprint and give nurses single point of access.
  • Specialty modules for catheters, sutures, and implant tracking support inventory management in procedural areas.

Specialty Modules Save Time and Space

The specialty modules below can be integrated within the Omnicell cabinet to meet the storage needs of special procedure areas. The modules allow healthcare facilities to secure, dispense, and automatically track small item and catheter usage, which helps eliminate stock-outs, streamline restocking procedures, and reduce on-hand inventory to save money.

Omnicell® Catheter Hardware Module

  • Four retractable arms store catheters of varying lengths, with a total capacity of 48 catheters, 12 per arm.
  • Unique “Find Item” feature with guiding lights helps users quickly locate needed catheters in seconds.
  • Turns the ER and OR into leaner, more organized units, saving staff time in critical life-saving environments.
  • Modular design enables flexible configurations that meet the physical requirements of any clinic.

Omnicell Implant Tracking Software Module

The Implant Tracking Software Module enables users to record the lot and serial numbers of surgical implants at the Omnicell medical supply cabinet via bar code scan. This module creates a convenient way to comply with the FDA requirement to track all surgical implants by lot and serial number in the event of a recall.

Omnicell Medication/Supply Drawer

The Omnicell Medication/Supply Drawer provides width-configurable open bins. Our unique guiding lights feature guides users to the preselected item within the drawer, and each bin has an easy-to-use green reorder button.