SinglePointe Patient Medication Management

Product Overview

Most automated medication dispensing cabinets store approximately 80% of the medications your patients need. The remainder – infrequently used, patient-supplied, or patient-specific items – must be handled, tracked, and administered manually.

This creates extra work for both pharmacy and nursing. It also increases the risk of loss, diversion, missing doses, and even potentially fatal medication errors.

Medication Management Software Solution

SinglePointe™, one of Omnicell’s leading patient medication management software tools, is a unique solution that enables up to 100% of a patient’s medications to be stored, managed, and tracked within the automated medication dispensing cabinet – bringing benefits to patients, nurses, and pharmacy. Nurses using SinglePointe reported 76% fewer medication errors during patient transfer.SinglePointe patient medication management software

Profile All Medications

SinglePointe automatically assigns each patient’s medications to the automated dispensing cabinet, where they are stored in a patient-specific drawer. This medication management software system:

  • Applies clinical and profile checks to all patient medications.
  • Accommodates patient-specific multi-use items (e.g. eye drops and inhalers), IV admixtures and other multi-component medication orders, etc.

Enhances Patient Safety and Care

  • Better compliance with prescribed medication therapy: significantly fewer missed doses.
  • Medications are removed against a patient’s profiled order, reducing the potential for medication errors.
  • Reduces the chances of discontinued medications being administered.
  • Speeds availability of medications when patients transfer.
  • Efficient system provides more time for patient care.

Promotes Nursing Satisfaction and Efficiency

  • Nurses obtain medications from one location instead of tracking down medications from multiple areas in the unit.
  • Reduces time-consuming workarounds and duplicate work.

Increases Pharmacy Efficiency

  • Automates time-consuming manual processes.
  • Tracks inventory through the automated dispensing cabinet, providing a complete audit trail.

Reduces Costs

  • Prevents expenses caused by misplaced or lost medications.
  • Improves inventory management.

Customer Results1

Restock time decreased 50%

Missing doses decreased 30%

Returns/credits decreased 80%

Potential medication errors decreased 76%

1Based on Omnicell customer data


Streamlined Medication Management Process

  • Automatically assigns each patient’s medications to the automated dispensing cabinet, eliminating the manual assignment of medications to a given location.
  • Tracks all patient-specific medications and provides a complete audit trail to help identify and quickly resolve issues.
  • Supports cartfill, cartless, or hybrid models of medication distribution.
  • Restock levels are calculated automatically based on patient medication order frequency and actual usage.
  • Option for integrated Medication Label Printer on Omnicell G4 automated dispensing cabinet enables patient-specific medications to be labeled as soon as they are removed from the cabinet, saving time and preventing errors.

Discontinued Orders

  • Removal of discontinued medications is automated, further enhancing patient safety.

Transferred and Discharged Patients

  • System identifies which patients are moving to new patient areas and establishes an efficient process to remove those patients’ medications and assign them to the new cabinet during the restock process.
  • Creates a streamlined workflow for removing and tracking medications remaining in the dispensing cabinet for patients who have been discharged, which helps to resolve potential billing discrepancies.