OmniDispenser Module

Product Overview

One of the greatest drains on a nurse's time is the tedious narcotic counts at the automated dispensing cabinet – and the inevitable recounts needed to resolve discrepancies. Not only does this task keep a nurse away from patient rooms, but it also contributes to congestion at the cabinet, which puts other nurses behind.

The OmniDispenser™ unit dose dispensing system provides a unique, highly efficient solution for controlled substances that virtually eliminates the need for nurses to conduct count-backs.

True Unit Dose Dispensing System

The OmniDispenser module stores medications in a separate, secured location in the automated dispensing cabinet and dispenses each dose individually, similar to a vending machine. Nurses only have access to the specific quantity of items requested.

  • Manual count-backs to confirm remaining inventories of controlled substances are all but eliminated, saving hours of nursing time each day.
  • By electronically tracking each dose, the system also spares nurses from additional manual documentation.


  • Increases control and security over medications, which is especially important for controlled substances, high-risk and high-value medications.
  • Discourages diversion.
  • Improves nurse efficiency – unit dose dispensing system saves time spent conducting narcotics count-backs.
  • Frees up time at the automated dispensing cabinet for other nurses.
  • Supports compliance with The Joint Commission, FDA, and other regulatory standards.


Flexible Configurations

  • The OmniDispenser module can be configured into a variety of OmniRx® cabinet sizes.
  • Accommodates most unit-dose packaged oral solids, 1 mL, 2 mL, and 5 mL vials and amps, as well as 1 mL and 2 mL syringes.

Enhances Inventory Management for Pharmacy

  • Improves restocking accuracy.
  • High capacity: holds more than 1,100 individual doses.
  • Automatically rotates inventory on a first-in, first-out basis.