Omnicell Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Product Overview

Omnicell understands that patient satisfaction and safety starts with the nurse. With these factors being tied to reimbursement, it’s more important than ever to improve nursing workflow across the healthcare enterprise, including long-term care settings.

Omnicell® G4 Unity automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) create better workflow to improve how medications are managed. Our automated dispensing systems help you:

  • Empower nurses to work more efficiently
  • Keep medications more secure
  • Reduce interruptions—saving time and reducing medication errors
  • Support compliance with evolving regulations

Lowest Long-Term Cost of Ownership Protects Your Budget

Keep current with the latest technology without “forklift” replacement of cabinets:

  • Systems are easily upgradeable
  • Major software upgrades released every 12-18 months

Shared Database Enhances Efficiency and Safety

Omnicell ADCs are linked via a shared database with our Controlled Substance Manager and other solutions on the Unity platform. This integrated platform allows a more automated chain of custody that provides greater visibility and helps reduce time spent resolving discrepancies.

Unity Enterprise Platform

  • Medication Label Printer

    Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    How are you complying with medication labeling requirements?

    Omnicell is the only company to offer a Medication Label Printer integrated within the ADC.

  • Reducing Countbacks

    Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    Do you want to avoid time-consuming narcotic countbacks?

    OmniDispenser™ dispenses each dose individually, virtually eliminating the need for countbacks.

  • Anywhere RN - Reduce Interruptions

    Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    How can you reduce interruptions that increase risk of medication errors?

    Anywhere RN™—the leading remote medication management software—allows nurses to manage medications in areas where they are less likely to be interrupted.

  • Savvy Mobile Medication Workstation

    Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    How secure are medications before they reach the bedside?

    Our Savvy™ mobile medication workstation secures multiple patients’ medications in locking patient-assigned drawers.

  • SinglePointe Patient Medication Management

    Innovations That Solve Real Problems

    How many places do your nurses have to search for patient-specific medications?

    SinglePointe™ patient medication management software enhances cartless distribution – decreasing missing doses, medication errors, and restock time.

  • Reduce medication errors and improve quality of care
  • Improve nursing and pharmacy staff efficiency by reducing manual steps and processes
  • Heighten medication security and diversion prevention
  • Improve medication tracking and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce inventory costs and optimize inventory to minimize impact of drug shortages
  • Minimize redundant data entry, system maintenance, and IT involvement
  • Seamlessly integrate with your healthcare information systems (HIS)
  • Supports meaningful use—Only automated dispensing system to receive EHR Modular Certification

Safe, Secure, and Efficient

  • Large, high resolution display is easy to see and read.
  • Guiding lights technology quickly directs the user to the desired location in the cabinet.
  • Touch & Go™ advanced biometric ID system provides fast yet secure access.
  • Integrated online medication reference library adds convenience.
  • Dispensing alerts provide additional safety check.
  • 2-D bar code scanning enhances safety and efficiency.


  • Comprehensive menu of reports and ability to create custom reports.
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft® Excel and scheduled to email to others.
  • Pandora® analytics provides more targeted insights and trends in dashboard format.

Flexible Configurations

  • High capacity storage accommodates oral solids, ampules, vials, oral liquids, IVs, bulk stock, etc.
  • Wide array of drawer styles meets needs of each patient care area as well as long-term care sites.
  • Medications and supplies can be combined in a single cabinet, adding convenience and saving space.

Enterprise/IT-Friendly Technology

  • Stores up to 7 years of data
  • OmniCenter® server available in physical and virtual platforms (VMware Ready).
  • Supports multiple sites and multiple time zones.
  • Remote access from any PC connected to the hospital’s network.
  • Advanced technologies from Intel and Microsoft.
  • Universal eBox (electronics) used across the Omnicell product line ensures quick and efficient service.
  • The OmniCenter® 18.0 server, which is the heart of the Omnicell medication dispensing system, has received EHR Modular Certification, offering greater peace of mind to healthcare facilities seeking to comply with meaningful use criteria for their electronic health record (EHR) system.


Touch & Go™ G4 Biometric ID System

  • Incorporates state-of-the-art biometric hardware and software.
  • Enables users to access the cabinet via fingerprint scan only, which helps prevent unauthorized users from gaining access.

OmniDispenser Unit-Dose Dispensing System

  • Stores medications in a separate, secured location in the cabinet and dispenses each dose individually.
  • Virtually eliminates time-consuming countbacks and discrepancies related to controlled substances.

SinglePointe™ Patient Medication Management Software

  • Enables you to store, manage and track up to 100% of medications needed for every patient within the automated dispensing cabinet.
  • Supports non-stocked and patient-specific items, including multi-use items (e.g. eye drops, creams, inhalers)

Medication Label Printer

  • Allows nurses to print patient-specific labels during medication issue for medications that won't be administered immediately.
  • Improves compliance with The Joint Commission medication labeling requirements.

Anywhere RN™ Remote Medication Management

  • Gives nurses the freedom to remotely interact with the Omnicell cabinet from anywhere in the patient care area.
  • Helps to minimizes interruptions that could lead to medication errors.

SafetyStock® Bar Code Confirmation

  • Enables 2D bar code scanning to confirm the identity of a medication or supply at all points of access: restock, selected issues, and returns.

Patient Medication Profiling Software

  • Interfaces with hospital pharmacy information system to access patient-specific orders, administration schedules, and allergy information.
  • Saves time and increases dispensing accuracy.

Scheduled Meds Software

  • Provides a filtered list of "due" medication orders to the nurse for greater dispensing efficiency and enhanced patient safety.
  • Works with systems that have Patient Medication Profiling (above).

Omnicell Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet Choices

Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets come in a wide range of formats and can be configured with a variety of drawer types.

  • Standard OmniRx Cabinet 
  • One-Cell, Two-Cell, and Three-Cell Cabinets
  • OmniTT™ Tabletop Unit: The space-efficient OmniTT is ideal for operating rooms, cath labs, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other areas that use a limited number of medications.

Also see the Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation™ and Savvy™ mobile medication workstation.

Omnicell Drawer Choices

High Security

  • FlexBin™ Single Dose Drawer
  • Locking Lid Drawer

Open Matrix

  • Lighted Matrix Drawer
  • Matrix Drawer
  • Omnicell Medication/Supply Drawer