Anesthesia Workstation

  • Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation


Product Overview

The Anesthesia Workstation gives anesthesia providers instant access to medications while ensuring pharmacy of tighter control in the operating room. This automated system securely stores all the medications and supplies needed for a full day of cases in one convenient place and automatically tracks inventory used, cutting hours of manual documentation. 

Convenience and Compliance for Anesthesia Medications

  • Quick biometric access to medications, with breakaway bar to enable access to emergency medications
  • High capacity anesthesia cabinet—stores a full day’s worth of medications 
  • Automates reconciliation of controlled substances, eliminating countbacks Anesthesia Workstation capacity
  • Assists with drug shortages by securing medications where they are needed
  • Improves oversight and inventory management
  • Improves charge capture – documented increases of up to 90%
  • Codonics Safe Label System helps to reduce medication errors and supports compliance with Joint Commission and ASA
  • Part of the Unity platform of solutions that share a single database, helping to eliminate redundant data entry that can lead to errors

    Unity Enterprise Platform

KLAS Category Leader 2014Top Honors From KLAS

In addition to being ranked the #1 Overall Pharmacy Automation Equipment Vendor in 2013 and 2014, Omnicell earned Category Leader Award for Anesthesia Cabinets.


Improves Efficiency

  • Reduces trips and phone calls between the OR and pharmacy.
  • May reduce turnaround time between surgical cases.
  • Simplifies restocks for pharmacy and anesthesia technicians.

Improves Patient Safety

  • Works with the Codonics™ Safe Label System™ (SLS) to help reduce the three most common medication errors made in the OR: vial/ampoule swaps, mislabeling, and syringe swaps

Supports Anesthesia Provider Workflow

  • Unique breakaway bar enables access to emergency medications.
  • Provides fast yet secure fingerprint access.  
  • Quick medication removal; no interaction with keyboard or screen required.
  • Eliminates the need for tackle boxes, backpacks, or fanny packs.

Supports Pharmacy and Compliance Needs

  • Secures controlled substances 24/7.
  • Tracks inventory usage and expiration dates.
  • Offers multiple reporting formats to support regulatory inspections; reports can be automated and emailed.
  • Enables accurate placement of items during restock with SafetyStock® feature.
  • Simplifies recordkeeping to more easily resolve discrepancies.

Anesthesia Workstation Features Video

Flexible Configurations and Advanced Technology

  • Two form factors available, Anesthesia Workstation and Anesthesia TT Tabletop, both with a 15" color touch screen.
  • Configurable software to meet anesthesia provider preferences and hospital policies.
  • Shares database with Omnicell medication dispensing cabinet system – consistent medication formulary.
  • Robust technology from Microsoft and Intel for superior performance.

Patient Safety and Compliance 

  • Allergy alerts and drug reference information help prevent medication errors.
  • Compatible with Codonics SLS 500i Safe Label System to support compliance with Joint Commission, ISO, ASTM, and ASA medication labeling recommendations.