Medication Dispensing Systems

Medication Management

Tired of trying to get attention from vendors for whom medication automation is just one small piece of their business? At Omnicell, we are focused exclusively on medication management and supply dispensing automation. This focus is evident in the customer-inspired design of our medication dispensing systems, and in the support we give every step of the way.

Integrated, Advanced Medication Dispensing Systems

As an integrated system of products spanning the controlled substance vault in the central pharmacy to the OR, nursing units, and the bedside, the Unity platform will help you deliver better care at lower costs, across your healthcare enterprise.

Unity Enterprise Platform

Why Pharmacists Are Choosing Omnicell Unity Systems

  • Shared database eliminates redundant data entry that can lead to errors.
  • Integrated Medication Label Printer on the cabinet supports Joint Commission requirements.
  • Enterprise-class server holds up to seven years of data, ensuring convenient access to historical information. 
  • Advanced Windows and Intel technology – with EHR Modular certification – in an upgradeable cabinet platform assure longevity and lower long-term costs. 
  • Seamless integration with healthcare information systems and interoperability that creates safer, more efficient workflow. 

Why Busy Nurses Love Omnicell G4 Unity Cabinets

Customers Comment on G4 Unity Medication Dispensing System

“Omnicell’s advanced technology is unparalleled in the market. Omnicell’s interoperability, user-friendly interface and forward-thinking approach to medication management set them apart in our search.”

 Jeff St. Clair, President and Chief Executive Officer
Springhill Medical Center

“The beauty of the G4 platform is the size of its screen, the color of its screen, and the format—it directs the nurses and pharmacy staff to patient-specific information and patient safety issues.”

– Joseph Alessandrini, RPh, Assistant Vice President for Clinical Services
South Jersey Healthcare, Vineland, New Jersey

“The biometrics of the new G4 console and the finger print access is a godsend, because it’s just so much easier to get what you have to get and go take care of your patient, and be able to spend a little extra time with them.”

– Suzanne Accordino, RN, CBN
South Jersey Healthcare, Vineland, New Jersey

“We reviewed the feature and functionality benefits of the leading competitive solutions, and we believe the new Omnicell G4 platform is a very appealing technology.”

– Dave Hicks, RPh, MBA, Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer
University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois

Learn more about Omnicell medication dispensing products in this section or contact your local Omnicell representative to arrange a demonstration. Download Omnicell Medication Management brochure