WorkflowRx Pharmacy Inventory Management Software

Product Overview

WorkflowRx pharmacy inventory management softwareBy intelligently automating inventory management for the entire central pharmacy, the WorkflowRx™ system helps boost productivity, reduce inventory costs, and ensure that the right medications reach the right patient.

WorkflowRx is a server-based pharmacy inventory management software program that integrates an inventory management carousel system with bar code packaging to automate the ordering, receiving, stocking, and picking processes.

Dramatically Increase Pharmacy Efficiency

Improve pharmacy management by freeing your staff from hours of daily labor-intensive activities, so they can focus more on patient care tasks.

Reduce Inventory Costs         

As a perpetual inventory management system, WorkflowRx can reduce pharmacy inventory costs through usage-based purchase decisions.

Get 340B Support

WorkflowRx now features 340B support through our partnership with Sentry Data Systems.

Top Honors From KLAS

KLAS Category Leader 2015In addition to being ranked the #1 Overall Pharmacy Automation Equipment Vendor 2015, Omnicell earned the Category Leader Award for  Medication Carousels.


    WorkflowRx Pharmacy Inventory Management Software:

    • Reduces costs by enabling central pharmacies to:
      • Use bulk packaging to produce unit dose packaging.
      • Purchase inventory based on historical usage patterns.
      • Increase pharmacist and pharmacy technician efficiency.
    • Improves patient care by promoting medication dispensing accuracy and allowing pharmacists to spend more time on patient care activities.
    • Provides better security by more securely controlling access to medications in the pharmacy.
    • Saves space – reduces pharmacy storage footprint up to 50%.
    • Aids in Joint Commission compliance by providing complete audit trail of all transactions.

    Customer Results:

    • Chambersburg Hospital reduced cartfill time from 16 staff hours to 90 minutes after implementing WorkflowRx.1

    "With Intelligent Order Routing, interface configurations between our carousel and packager that previously had to be manually maintained are now all automated. Pharmacy operations were streamlined by 25% to 50%, and efficiency based on user-defined IOR scheduled rules increased by 50% to 75%."

    —David Grant, RPh, MBA, Vice President of Pharmacy and Clinical Process Improvement, Chambersburg Hospital

    1 Grant, D. Automated, Patient-specific Cartfill to Improve Patient Safety, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products. 2006: 3(8).

    • Comprehensive medication inventory management of the entire pharmacy, including bulk storage, IV room, refrigerated cases, satellite pharmacies, and other remote storage locations.
    • Real-time and batch orders are dynamically routed between the packager and carousel or shelving locations, which prevents the accumulation of returned items and tightens controls over inventory stock levels.
    • Dynamic medication inventory reordering based on historical usage, with electronic interfaces to commonly used distributors.
    • Works with numerous carousel and packaging systems on the market in addition to Omnicell® Carousels and Medication Packagers, so hospitals can choose Omnicell WorkflowRx to automate their pharmacy inventory management even if they have invested in other hardware.
    • Verifies all transactions, including receiving, stocking, order processing, returns, and order verification.
    • Efficiently integrates return items to stock.
    • Intelligent Order Routing, an optional feature for high-speed packager users, selects the optimal picking location based on user-defined settings.
    • Roles-based user rights management provides security and audit capability.
    • Three types of client workstations supported: Windows-based client software for multi-tasking users, web-based client for occasional remote users, and a smart wireless client for remote locations.
    • WorkflowRx server available in physical server and virtual server platforms (VMware Ready).

    340B Support Through Sentinel RCM and 340B Module

    Sentry Data Systems Logo

    WorkflowRx 7.0 offers 340B support through Omnicell's partnership with Sentry Data Systems. Sentry's Sentinel RCM and 340B Module along with Omnicell's WorkflowRx inventory management system automates the medication ordering process for 340B and non-340B medications. Together, these products address the daily inventory management, financial reconciliation, and compliance aspects of participating in the 340B Discount Pricing Drug Program.

    • Automates compliance reporting
    • Centralizes medication ordering
    • Inventory cost containment
    • Perpetual inventory management
    • Tracks 340B and non-340B spending
    • Increases operational efficiency
    • Freedom to change wholesalers and/or automation software providers without reinvesting in new equipment or losing valuable data
    • Compliance with Statutory Regulatory guidelines/mandates

    Learn more about the Omnicell-Sentry partnership.


    WorkflowRx™ Requirements

    • WorkflowRx Server: Pre-installed SQL Server 2005, SP 3, .NET Framework 3.5, SP1 (Family Update)
    • Server Operating System: Pre-installed Microsoft Windows 2003 Server with Service Pack 2
    • Windows Client: Microsoft Windows XP, XP Professional
    • Web Client: Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7
    • Mobile Client: Optional, pre-installed on Symbol MC70 intelligent handheld scanner
    • Printer: Included, Sato thermal label printer

    Specifications for VMware Ready version of WorkflowRx server