Business Analytics Solutions

Omnicell Healthcare Data Business Analytics Solutions

Work smarter, not harder. By helping you solve complex problems quickly and effectively, Omnicell’s business analytics solutions save both time and money.

The industry-leading Pandora® analytics from Omnicell can transform your healthcare facility into a mechanism of efficiency. Taking healthcare data from your medication and supply dispensing systems, Pandora applications:

  • Deliver actionable and intuitive dashboards, reports, and proactive alerts that assist you in analyzing your medication and supply chains. 
  • Help you prioritize action items that keep you in compliance, lower costs, and improve patient care.

Secure and Easy to Use

Pandora lets you stay in control of your healthcare data because it stays on your servers within your facility's data center. The dashboard style reports are easy for staff members to understand, and they can be easily customized for each area of responsibility. What's more, Omnicell offers online training and implementation support to help users quickly adopt Pandora business analytics solutions.

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